About Kiadis Pharma

About Kiadis Pharma

Kiadis Pharma’s primary objective is to develop products that provide safer and more efficacious treatment options for blood cancer and blood disorder patients, improving their survival rate and quality of life.

We are focused on two therapeutic indications: leukemia (a common form of blood cancer) with our lead product ATIR101 and thalassemia (an inherited blood disorder) with our ATIR201 product.

ATIR101 in blood cancers works by administering additional immune cells to a patient after HSCT, enabling that patient to better fight infections and eliminate residual tumor cells. This procedure has the potential to reduce the number of patient deaths caused by cancer relapse following a transplantation of stem cells from a donor. In addition, ATIR101 lowers the risks of occurrence of potentially lethal Graft-versus-Host-Disease (GVHD), which is currently limiting the application of HSCT to patients who are at high risk of relapse, who do not respond fully to treatment, or who relapse after prior successful treatment.

In December 2016, the Company reported positive and significant results from its single dose Phase II clinical trial with ATIR101. The study was designed as an open-label trial in patients with blood cancer who had not found a matching donor and where a partially matched (haploidentical) family member was used as a donor for HSCT. The data showed that one year post transplantation, ATIR101 significantly significantly improved Overall Survival (OS) in comparison to a historical control group of patients undergoing a T-cell depleted haploidentical donor transplantation only. In addition, relapse rates were significantly lower than those reported for alternative approaches for HSCT. Moreover, ATIR101 did not elicit grade III-IV GVHD in any patient.

Based on these results, Kiadis Pharma has initiated a randomized Phase III clinical trial with ATIR101 as an adjunctive immunotherapeutic treatment to a haploidentical HSCT for patients with acute leukemia, with the post transplantation cyclophosphamide approach (the ‘Baltimore protocol’) as control arm. Kiadis Pharma has obtained regulatory approvals in various countries to start this trial, and is working towards including more than 45 sites across North America and Europe.

Our product candidates are produced using the proprietary TH9402 compound which selectively targets and depletes rapidly dividing cells such as immune reactive cells (including donor T-cells that can cause GVHD) in a mixed lymphocyte reaction between donor and patient material.

Kiadis Pharma is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and works closely with renowned centers in Europe and North America.

About Kiadis Pharma

Kiadis Pharma is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative products to make bone marrow transplantations safer and more effective for patients. Kiadis Pharma believes that its innovative products have the potential to address the current risks and limitations connected with allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT), thereby meeting a significant unmet medical need with its products.

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